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Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk Net Worth Lil DurknRapper birth was one of the most dangerous areas in South Chicago. Lil Durk Net Worth Lil Durk father was jailed for drug abuse when the boy was only 2 years old and his mother did not know. Rappers have one of their still close brothers. His childhood is very difficult, because he must be independent earlier than he expected. Durk remembers that they often do not have enough food for them to eat. Music is his passion since childhood, but he has no ability to study it. This is why banks must learn to listen to music by watching TV and listening to the radio. Given his childhood passing by in one of Chicago’s most dangerous areas, he is often accused of being jailed and fleeing for the preservation of illicit weapons. At the age of 17, Durk was a more serious father, and since then he had to take care of the other two.

Speaking of how rappers and other hip-hop artists make money, there are several main pillars. The importance of these depends on the artist’s career stage. Lil Durk is in the early stages of his career, and most of his money is made of records and poems. I carefully comb his life; Lil Durk is a fun character. His music carries most of the signs of traps, but there are experimental elements running through his records that make him part of the crowd, at least to my ears. Often, I do not personally have much, but in addition to the content / background of the work, we pay attention to the sound. Lil Durk started rapping since childhood, just a few years before his breakthrough came. So to speak, he is climbing a ladder, but it remains impressive how much money can be earned in such a short period of time.

So let’s take a look at Lil Durk’s life and see how and where he makes money.

Lil Durk 2018 net worth – 20 million US dollars

How did Deere Durk make money and fortune?

It is always interesting to look closely at the economics of rapper artists. And many of them have symbiotic things; young people have more contact with everyone. Lil Durk broke away from the other artists I’ve seen, but the pillars of his wealth have remained the same.

For the artist, the tour was quite lucrative and Lil Durk had been on the road most of his career. His current tour will continue in all states in the coming months. He is said to be a good performer and traveling with another hip-hop artist, Jeezy.

Most hip hop stars I’ve seen in the past few weeks have not released albums. Instead, it’s all EPs, singles and mixers. I am happy to see the distribution route from Lil Durk, two studio albums and a dozen remix tapes. The recordings are selling quite well, and his sales have drastically decreased, typically around 60%, depending on how good he is with Def Jam. Since 2012, he has released six singles, first of all his opera “National Anthem”.


Childhood and early Life Lil Durk Net Worth 

  • Lil Durk was born on October 19, 1992 at Dontay Banks and is a nurse in Chicago. His mother’s name is unknown. He has a brother, D Thang, who has also seen it in some of Lil Durk’s videos.
  • His father was jailed at the age of seven, and he had to take responsibility at a very young age. Lil Durk recalled in an interview with the magazine that when he was young he did not have enough food at home.
  • His violent neighborhood, which grew up, had a profound impact on Lil Durk. When he was a teenager, he was held in detention for possession of weapons.
  • He had not received any support since childhood to learn music and to learn his own music videos on television. After his two singles “Sneak Dissin” and “I Hitta” was successful, he considered rap to be a full-time job.
  • He first made a breakthrough through social media channels like Myspace and YouTube. He was encouraged by the rapid growth of his online fan base. Durk, after becoming a father at the age of 17, can pay more attention to his career because he feels more accountable in raising those who depend on him.

Career Lil Durk Net Worth 

  • Earlier in his career, Lil Durk was associated with Glo Gang, a Chicago-based rapper Keef CEO. But he never signed this label. For this reason, Lil Durk began to create his own image in the music world.
  • After his first two singles were successful, Lil Durk released a mix called “Life is not a joke.” On the online mixtape distribution, DatPiff, the mixtape was downloaded 216,000 times. Social media platforms have played an important role in promoting “life is not kidding.”
  • In December 2012, Lil Durk released a new piece entitled “L’s Anthem”, which featured and was well received in Montana, France.
  • L’s Anthem’s popularity helped Durk set up a joint venture with Def Jam Recordings. His fourth remix, Signed to the Street, was released on October 14, 2013. Mixing tapes are exclusively distributed by DatPiff under the Coca-Cola and OTF brands. In July 2014, the sequel to “Login to the Street” was released.
  • In his first album, “Remember My Name”, 2015 marked a huge leap in his career. The album is full of songs of Chicago street violence that he had experienced during his childhood. 200 ranking number 14. However, the album sold only 24,000 copies in the first week after it was released. However, in the album “Like Me,” a song from a single made the album pop up on multiple downloads / streams of songs on iTunes and on platforms like Spotify.
  • On December 15, 2015, Lil Durk released his sixth mixed film “300 Days 300 Night.” The single “My Beyonce” is released to promote this mixing tape. This single features his love of Dej Loaf. Critics call this hybrid tape a refreshing change in his earlier version, a change that primarily chronicled drug violence in the area where he was born. His fans love the sound mixing tape, cementing Lil Durk’s image as a rising celebrity in American music.
  • His second album “Lil Durk 2X” was released on July 22, 2016. Two months before the album was released, an album entitled “She Just Wanna” was released on his second album, Ty Dolla Sign, another rapper. Durk’s second label has a better response than the first one.

Major works Lil Durk Net Worth

  • Durk’s third remix tape, “No joke,” is still one of his main pieces to date as part of the Chicago music label. This gives him the confidence to be a full-time musician.
  • The success of his first album “Remember My Name” laid the foundation for Lil Durk to become a talented musician.

Personal life and heritage Lil Durk Net Worth

  • Lil Durk married Nicole Covone with two sons, Zayden and Angelo, and one daughter, Bella.
  • In 2014, Durk’s cousin McArthur Swindle was murdered in Chicago by thugs. McArther Swindle is working hard to become a rapper working with Lil Durk and becoming a member of his OTF crew when he was killed.
  • Uchenna Agina, a manager at Lil Durk, was shot dead by Chicago mobs.


Lil Durk Biography

Birth Name Durk Banks


Nickname Lil Durk


Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Genres Hip hop, Trap, Drill, R&B


Instruments Vocals



Only The Family (OTF)

Def Jam

Coke Boys

Personal Life




Durk was born on October 19, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The young rapper is currently 24 years old.


Sun Sign Libra






He had a difficult childhood where the burden of his family feels on his shoulders. He didn’t go to school. Though, Durk is a famous rapper in America, he learned music on his own watching music videos on television.


Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity African / American
Family Details









Dontay Banks



D Thang (Younger Brother)

Marital Status Married



He got married to Nicole Covone and has two sons named Zayden and Angelo and a daughter, Bella.







Lil Durk was rumored to be dating fellow rapper Dej Loaf in early 2016. However, Durk confirmed that it was juts rumor and was never in relationship with her.


Physical Statistics





In feet – 5 feet 11 inches

In centimeters – 180 cm

In meters – 1.8 m






In Kilograms – 72 kg

In Pounds – 158 lbs


Body measurements


At this time, Lil Durk’s body measurements are unavailable


Waist Size His waist size has not been disclosed


Foot/Shoe Size He wears a size 8 (US) shoe
Body Build




Eye Color




Hair Color


Shoe Size


8 (US) / 7.5 (UK)




Distinctive Features


Tattoos on his hands


Physical Statistics





In feet – 5 feet 11 inches

In centimeters – 180 cm

In meters – 1.8 m





In Kilograms – 72 kg

In Pounds – 158 lbs







He lives in a luxury Hollywood mansion in Los Angeles. The house is exquisitely designed with a spacious living area, two pools with a grandeur outlook.


Lil Durk Net worth


Lil Durk net worth is estimated to be $2 million dollars as of 2017. The artist had on-and -off kind of music career because he was jailed many time during his career. Much of his earnings come from music.


Social Media Portfolio

You can follow him on:



Facebook – lildurk

Twitter – lildurk

Instagram – durkioworld

Snapchat – iamlildurk



Professional Statistics Lil Durk Net Worth

Album Debut

Lil Durk released his first mix tape “Ima Hitta” in 2011 that gained him positive reviews. He released his first studio album, Remember My Name on June 2, 2015. The album topped the US Billboard 200 at #14 which went on to become a sleeper hit.


  • Remember My Name (2015)
  • Lil Durk 2X             (2016)
  • L’s Anthem (2012)
  • Nutzo (2012)
  • Bang Bros (2013)

Awards and achievements

  • In 2016, Lil Durk was named the annual rapper by the famous music blog Underground Interviews.


Style Quotient

Cars & Bikes

The budding artist takes extra interest when it comes to cars. He has a customized all chrome Ferrari, a red Bentley and a Porsche. His extensive collection of cars proves that he has a great sense of taste and each one of them has unique characteristics.

Interesting facts about Lil Durk

  • Durk Banks started his music career at his early age and learned music by watching TV videos. At 19, he took music seriously and worked with fellow rapper Chief Keef.
  • Lil Durk had a rough childhood and had to take care of his family at his early age as his father was arrested in drug case.
  • The violent neighborhood in which he was brought up had a deep impact on Lil Durk. During his teens, he was incarcerated briefly on charges of possessing weapons.
  • In 2011, Durk was arrested on a weapon charge and sentenced to three months in jail. He was arrested multiple times and was on and off the jail.
  • His two children Angelo and Bellara were born to his wife Nicole Covone; however the third child Zayden was born to another woman. He hasn’t disclosed a lot of information about her yet.
  • He follows fashion and is always noticed with sophisticated accessories like watches, glasses and jewelry. Lil Durk is also a fan of dirt bikes.


He was named “Rapper of the Year” by Underground Interviews in 2016.


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