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Master P Net worth

Master P Net Worth Master P Miller US rapper, artist, investor and entrepreneur, Percy Robert, with an estimated net worth of 250 million U.S. dollars

Miller is known as the master in the hip-hop world P. He is the president, CEO, and founder of Infinite Records. He is also the founder of P. Miller Enterprises, an entertainment and financial group and Better Black Television.

Like Jay-z, Master P has excellent business skills and has built a diverse empire that includes several rap labels, a clothing line, a management company, a premium travel agency, a movie production company, and a video game the company. His most famous and successful attempt is his unlimited record label for Southern rap music. Once a top-tier company, labels have been in trouble with companies such as Mystical, Silk the Shocker and even Snoop Dogg.

Numerous lawsuits forced Miller to close the label and file for bankruptcy in 2003, but it seems as though Infinity Outlook will rebound, announcing a restart in 2011 under the charge of P boss’s son Romeo. The young rapper tells the built-in speaker that he has been working for his solo project and has developed a new talent for the brand.

Miller’s financial position has been announced as rappers and his ex-wife have fiercely argued about child support. He was only required to pay $ 271 a month for his four minor children.

Master P Says He Saved Snoop Dogg’s Life by Signing Him to No Limit

In 1998, Master P signed Snoop Dogg on his unlimited label and Death Row Records, run by Suge Knight, was undergoing violent investigations. The New Orleans rap artist said he gave Snoop Dogg a better life and did not have Knight-related questions.

“We have no impact here,” he told the breakfast club. “We just did what we did and I think I saved Schnupu’s life and he went through a few things and I think he is the best person I know in the world. Snow by dog, He’s a fan, but he’s not in a good place when I talk to him. Suge is about to sign his other labels. I’m like, ‘Man, my money doesn’t spend?’ Let me get that.”

Master P went on to say that when he moved to Los Angeles, Knight reached out to him to try to persuade him of his dominance in the area.

“When I first got to LA, and I got a call from Suge probably everybody get that call,” he says, “I’m like, ‘Dog, you do better talking to me in person.’ He’s like, ‘Man, LA isn’t big enough for all of us.’ Puffy was out a bunch person. I was like, ‘Man, I just bought a house. I ain’t going now here. When you moving?’”

He also details his upcoming biography Ice Cream Man: King of the South. He said he will describe the signing of Snoop Dogg. The movie has a budget of $ 10 million and he is trying to get Taylor Perry to direct the movie

Early career and Music Master P Net worth

Opened record store, No Limit Records, late 1980s; turned store into record label and produced himself and others, mid 1990s; founded No Limit Film, No Limit Sports Management; owner of other businesses including a Foot Locker franchise, a gas station, travel agency and real estate; played basketball for the Fort Wayne Fury, 1998, tried out for the Charlotte Hornets, 1999; albums and solo releases as solo artist: The Ghetto’s Tryin’to Kill Me, 1994, 99 Ways to Die, 1995, Ice Cream Man, 1996, Ghetto D, 1997, MP Da Last Don, 1998; albums as part of the group TRU (with his brothers, rappers Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder): TRU 2 Da Game, TRUE, 1995. Films: I’m ’Bout It, 1997, MP Da Last Don, I Got the Hook-Up, 1998, Takedown, 1999, Foolish, 1999.

Notable facts Master P Net Worth

Zodiac Sign TAURUS
Birth Date APRIL 29, 1970
Nationality AMERICAN
Master P Net worth $ 350 Million
Who is it? Rapper
The debut year 2008
Race/ Ethnicity MULTIRACIAL
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion unknown
First TV show Rap Fix Live
Labels Grand Hustle, Epic, Good beats, UMPG
Genre Hip Hop Music
Addresses: Home Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Publicist Barbara Pescosolido, No Limit Entertainment, 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 701, Hollywood, CA, 90028.
HOUSES & CARS Place of living: Percy is a resident of New Orleans.

Cars: The brand of his car is not available.

Source of Income Albums live concert, sponsors

Body measurements Master P Net Worth

Weight 100 KG OR 220 POUNDS
Chest 45 IN OR 114 CM
Arms/ Biceps 15 IN OR 38 CM
Waist 38 IN OR 96.5 CM
Shoe Size N/A
Hair color BLACK
Eye color BLACK


Master P’s Album Master P Net Worth

Albums Years
The Ghetto’s Tryin’ To Kill Me, 1994
Ghetto D, 1997
MP Da Last Don, 1998
99 Ways To Die, 1995


Film Years
I’m bout It, 1997
I Got The Hookup, 1998
MP Da Last Don, 1998
Takedown, 1999
Foolish, 1999



Forbes list of top 10 most highly paid entertainers for 1998; five gold and platinum albums; American Music Awards, Award for Favorite Artist, R&B/Hip-Hop, 1998.

Interesting and fun Facts:

  • According to Forbes, he is one of the richest artists in the world.
  • He was one of the supporters of Barak Obama.
  • He has participated in the ‘Anti-Obesity’ movement.


Hip-hop music although a major commercial presence in the 1980s and 1990s is at heart a grassroots arts tradition established in the urban streets. So, from the beginning, rap artists have been promoted differently from mainstream artists. An album being promoted by a major label will jockey for playtime at radio stations. If it gets played and listeners like it, they buy it and the album is on its way. Rap music, on the other hand, is promoted directly to its customers by teams of street promoters who hand out postcards, stickers, and sample singles from artists. If the promoters do their job, word gets out, and the records sell even before they get air time. Often in fact, gangsta rap albums are never played on radio stations even after they make the charts because of their raw language; instead, cleaned-up versions of them are prepared for radio air play.

It was this kind of street marketing that Master P followed and that allowed him to turn a small record store into a major record label in a remarkably short time. In 1994, he self-produced his first album, The Ghetto’s Tryin’ to Kill Me, and sold it out of the trunk of his car in neighborhoods in and around Oakland and also in New Orleans. It became an underground hit, selling a solid 200,000 copies without radio play and turning a profit for the young company. The Chicago Tribune quoted Master P telling an audience of fledgling entrepreneurs at a music business workshop, “Start in your neighborhood and sell your records. Once you start making a buzz, they’ll come looking for you. If you can’t sell records at home, you can’t sell them anywhere.”

Personal life Master P Net worth


Miller has dedicated his time to communities through P. Miller Youth Centers and his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless. On July 12, 2005, Willie W. Herenton Jr, the mayor of Memphis, Tennessee presented Miller with the key to the city. On April 27, 2010 Miller along with his son Romeo was awarded the Certificate of Special Recognition, from Congress member Maxine Waters.

In November 2016 Robert Pack and Percy Miller (Master P) formed Team H.O.P.E. NOLA, an acronym for “Helping Our Players Excel.” The players are 20 at-risk males age 12–15 chosen from schools in New Orleans that selected the participants for coaching on practical life matters.

Family Master P Net Worth

In 1989 he married Sonya with whom he has seven children, including Percy Romeo Miller, Jr., Valentino Miller and Cymphonique Miller. They divorced in 2014. Rappers Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder are his brothers. Producer, singer and rapper Mo B. Dick is his cousin.

Politics Master P Net Worth

In late 2007, Miller got actively involved in politics, whereby he supported and encouraged voter participation. Miller was an early supporter for the candidacy of Illinois senator and subsequent U.S. president Barack Obama. On December 30, 2010 it was announced that Miller and his son Romeo would attend and host an event with Michelle Obama for Anti-Obesity.

American rapper and record producer Master P’s record, also known as Entrepreneur P. Miller, consists of 14 studio albums, 40 singles, 16 compilation albums, a companion album and 33 music videos composition.

Discography of Master P Net Worth

Master P’s music has been released on In-A-minute; SOLAR Records, Priority Records and Koch Records, as well as his former record label and his current brand No Limit Forever. Founder and former CEO of No Limit Records, an independent record label

In 1991, Master P released his first album Get Away Clean for the first time. His album “The Bad Boy of Mother” was released in 1992. After signing an agreement with SOLAR Records in 1994, he released his next album “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” In 1995, after all 85/15/15 Grandmasters who signed Priority Records with the soon-to-be-released record label No Limit Records issued and issued the agreement and ownership. Master P released his next album 99 Ways to Die, his first album on Billboard Magazine’s 41 Hot R & B / Hip-Hop album charts. Master P released his fifth album “Ice Cream Man” in 1996. It includes the debut single “Mr. Ice Cream Man”, which reached the 90th on the Billboard Hot 100, the first time he entered the album. Ice cream men made their 26th place in the Billboard 200 ranking for the first time and won the Platinum Award from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), making it more successful than ever before.

This album includes Master P’s most successful single so far, “Make’Em Say Uhh!” Which went certified platinum?

The album I have receive three platinum certification

In 1998, his next studio album “MP Da Last Don” also made its debut on the Billboard 200 in the United States, making it second to Master P It is also the highest selling album for Master P, which has sold more than 4 million copies so far, giving it four Platinum certifications in the United States. Although not as successful as his previous album, it is still number two on the Billboard 200 and earned gold certification in the United States.



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