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Tyler the Creator Net Worth


Tyler the Creator Net Worth Tyler the Creator has an estimated net worth of $4 million.  Tyler the Creator Net Worth Tyler the Creator  is the leader of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA. Tyler the Creator Net Worth is the alternative hip-hop crew’s main rapper, producer, and source of inspiration.

Tyler the Creator Net Worth got his first taste of fame when The Los Angeles Times ran a “teen on the street”-type story on the then 16-year-old skateboarding enthusiast, who was also interested in music and fashion. Tyler bigger fame came from his single “Yonkers”, which Kanye west called “the video of 2011” on Twitter.  Tyler, the Creator was born Tyler Okonma on March 6th, 1991; Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, California, USA. Rose by his single mother, who is of Nigerian and European-Canadian descent

Tyler’s musical career officially kicked off in 2009, when he released the mixtape Bastard. A rapper’s first mixtape isn’t always that successful, but Bastard was a massive hit. Okonma had begun work on the tape in 2007, and the two years that was poured into it certainly paid off. It received positive reviews from publications like Complex and Pitchfork, and some of its most popular tracks were “Bastard”, “French!” which featured Hodgy Beats, and “Odd Toddlers”. Okonma wasn’t just content with having a single popular mixtape, however. In 2011, he released “Yonkers”, a single to come from his debut studio album Goblin. This song was one of Tyler’s first major mainstream hits, and it allowed him to begin accruing something that resembled a dedicated fan base. The release of the single “She” coincided with the official release of Goblin, and it only caused Tyler’s fame to increase.

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Tyler-the-creator-she“She” was a seriously popular single, and to date it’s one of the most popular songs that Okonma has ever released. It features the vocals of Frank Ocean, who was really just getting his start at the time of the single’s release. It’s worth noting at this point that Tyler is a founding member of Odd Future, a hip-hop collective that consists of artists like Mike G, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, and Jasper Dolphin. Former members of Odd Future include the likes of Casey Veggies, Matt Martians, and Syd. I mention this because Okonma’s second studio album, Wolf, prominently featured collaborations that included different Odd Future members. Wolf was released in 2013, and it debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. This album only featured one single, in “Domo23”. With Wolf, Tyler was looking to separate himself from his previous sound, which carried very dark and graphic themes of murder and rape.




Outside of Wolf, Tyler was also willing to work with some other popular artists through collaboration. During this time, he would work alongside artists like Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Waka Flocka Flame, and Game. The mainstream popularity of Odd Future eventually allowed them to get their own television show, a comedy series called Loiter Squad. Loiter Squad aired on Adult Swim starting in 2012, and it was produced by the same people who made the show Jackass. Loiter Squad did pretty well for itself, and it only served to increase the popularity and success of the Odd Future collective. (Even to this day, Tyler and his friends have a strong following among people who don’t even listen to their music.) After a brief hiatus, Okonma released the lead single “Fucking Young” off of his upcoming album Cherry Bomb. Tyler informed his fans that Cherry Bomb was going to be releasing in 2015, just a week or so following the release of this single.


Tyler-the-creator-cherry-bombAs it turns out, Okonma was true to his word. He released Cherry Bomb on April 13th, with physical copies beginning to roll out beginning on April 28th. This album was significantly more star-studded than a lot of his previous work, featuring collaboration from an array of artists that includes the likes of Schoolboy Q, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, and Coco O. Tyler looked to support the release of the album through a world tour, which was cut short due to a couple of different controversies. The Australian leg of his tour was cancelled entirely due to national protests involving his depiction of women in his music. His tour dates in the United Kingdom were cancelled due to the fact that Okonma is actually banned from visiting the country due to his controversial lyrics. Either way, the Cherry Bomb album was successful enough on its own.

Tyler, the Creator Grows Up Tyler the Creator Net Worth

His latest album, “Flower Boy,” traces a mind in transition and a body in constant motion.

Tyler, the Creator, a rapper-songwriter, clothing designer, and director, who plays Madison Square Garden on Feb. 23-24, has grown from a foulmouthed seedling into something more refined. In 2011, he emerged as the central member of Odd Future, a rap collective whose charged music videos and edgy interviews reshaped artist image-making for a new decade. His latest album, “Flower Boy,” traces a mind in transition and a body in constant motion, with confessional stories and baroque production that draw from the best of aughts-era outsider pop.


 AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT ETC Tyler the Creator Net Worth

WHO IS IT?                                                                          RAPPER

OCCUPATION:                                                                   RAPPER, RECORD PRODUCER, MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR

REAL NAME / BIRTH NAME:                                         TYLER GREGORY OKONMA

NICK NAME:                                                                       TYLER THE CREATOR

AGE / HOW OLD?:                                                             MARCH 6, 1991

BIRTH SIGN:                                                                       PISCES

FROM: (PLACE OF BIRTH):                                            LADERA HEIGHTS, CA

RELIGION:                                                                          ATHEIST

NATIONALITY:                                                                 AMERICAN

RACE / ETHNICITY:                                                         BLACK


Tyler the Creator Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet
She is 6’3″ tall
How Tall – Height in Meters
She is 188cm tall
Weight in Pounds
He currently weighs 174 pounds
Weight in Kilograms
He currently weighs 79kg
Body Measurements
At this time, his body measurements are unavailable
Waist Size
His waist size is unknown
Foot/Shoe Size
It’s said that he wears a size 11 (US) shoe
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Unknown- he stated he has never met his biological father
As far as we know, Tyler the Creator is an only child and does not have any siblings.
As far as we know, Tyler the Creator is an only child and does not have any siblings.
No, as far as we know, Tyler the Creator has not fathered any children.


His Music Controversies Tyler the Creator Net Worth

Despite his talents, Tyler has been criticized for his use of homophobic slurs, although he claims he’s not homophobic. He is friends with Frank Ocean (an openly gay singer) and his rap group, Odd Future includes two openly LGBT members.

The following is an excerpt from his interview with LA Weekly, discussing the controversy.

“I’m so glad that’s over,” Tyler says, wearing a pink and teal OF donut hoodie, black jeans, Vans and a green hat. “I wasn’t using ‘fag’ to refer to gay people. If I call a piece of lettuce a faggot, am I homophobic? I might be anti-lettuce but …” he said. (Don’t worry; most people aren’t exactly sure how to take that one, either.)

He’s a Fan and a Friend of Frank Ocean Tyler the Creator Net Worth

Tyler isn’t just a fan of Frank Ocean’s (and his album) but he is a close friend of his, as well. He wasn’t afraid to let the world know, in an interview with GQ.

“I liked it a lot. Like, it’s my favorite thing from him. It’s weird because I’m friends with him and this album made me so, so, so much of a fan boy. It’s crazy because I was with him when it came out; like that week or whatever, and I kept complimenting him on certain songs, certain little things that I liked in different songs. And I low-key think he started getting annoyed because I just kept badgering him about how much I liked the album. But I really, really f—g like it. And I’m really hyped for him and he’s hyped and shit’s great.”

He Was Seen Collaborating with Pharrell Tyler the Creator Net Worth

According to Hip Hop Wired, Tyler the Creator and Pharrell were spotted in the studio together, leaving many to come to the conclusion that the pair are working on some new music. Now, after two years since they last worked together, the two artists are back in the lab, cooking up what can only be a great hit single. We can’t wait to see what these two are working on!

He’s Got His Own Fashion Line Tyler the Creator Net Worth

The “Yonkers” singer has always been an admirer of clothes and he finally gets to live out his dreams. Last year, the rapper designed the Golf Le Fleur sneakers and furniture for his fashion show.

“Making a shoe isn’t easy. I’m still putting finishing touches on it and trying to make sure it’s the perfect shoe so I don’t have to worry about shit later,” he said in an interview with GQ. “So I can just focus on cool color ways and cool shit to do around it. It’s coming soon. They’re f***in sick and I’m really hyped. I hope that it’s successful so I can sponsor people that I think are cool, whether I’m sponsoring just the skate kids that I see. Or like artists that I’m a fan of. There’s a whole subculture of kids who ride go-karts, for real. Sponsoring random sh-t like that that, I’m into. Everyone goes for the basketball players and football players and stuff.”

Childhood & Early Life Tyler the Creator Net Worth

Tyler Gregory Okonma was born on 6th March in 1991 at Ladera Heights in California. His father is of Nigerian decent and mother of white Canadian and Afro-American decent. His father abandoned his mother hence Tyler has never seen his father.

He grew up with his sister, Lynda in his hometown. From the age of seven he would replace old album covers with his whimsical albums. They used to consist of a list of songs, a title track and the duration of the songs.

He attended several schools during his 12 years of education. In fact, for every year he attended a different school. All these schools were located in Los Angeles and Sacramento area.

By fourteen, he took keen interest in music. He wanted to play a musical instrument so he learnt to play the piano himself and became a skilled pianist in a short time.

As a child he was quite athletic. He was gifted a skateboard in his teens. He never received any training, but learnt to use it by watching the game ‘Pro Skater 4’ and other videos.

At school, he wouldn’t mix around too much. He was quite aloof and shy, but he slowly gained popularity when he reached his senior year. His schoolmates found out about his musical skills and began adulating him.

Before his music career kicked off, he worked at ‘FedEx’ for two weeks and at ‘Starbucks’ for a couple of years. Ultimately, he left doing odd jobs and decided to make music his profession.



Debut Mixtape & Album Tyler the Creator Net Worth

In 2009, Tyler produced and released his debut mixtape titled ‘Bastard’. Though he wasn’t promoted under any banner, his mixtape was quite a hit and placed at rank 32 on ‘Pitchfork Media’s’ Top Album list for the year 2010.

After his first mixtape, he signed a one record deal with ‘XL Recordings’. He announced shortly after, that he was doing an album with the brand, thereafter his first single from the album named ‘Yonkers’ was released on radio.

The music video was a hit, and played on all charts on top music shows. His album ‘Goblin’ was released in 2010, it received good feedbacks and he was asked to perform at various shows and concerts.

He made his first television appearance on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ in 2011, where he performed the song ‘Sandwitches’. He also performed at the ‘MTV awards’ and at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

Working with Odd Future Tyler the Creator Net Worth

After his first album, Tyler began collaborating with other rappers and featuring in their albums and songs. He also co-produced songs for other artists.

In 2011, he formed the hip-hop collective ‘Odd Future’ alongside Matt Martians, Hodgy, Left Brain, Pyramid Vritra, Casey Veggies and Jasper Dolphin. Later, other members such as Jeff Tremaine, Simitry Elyashkevich, Lace Bangs and many more artists also joined.

‘Odd Future’ launched TV show under the production of ‘Dickhouse Productions’ for Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’. The show was called ‘Loiter Squad’ and was aired in 2012.

It was a ten to fifteen minute live action comedy sketch television series with pranks and music composed by ‘Odd Future’. The show ran for three seasons and spanned over 31 episodes.

Tyler mentioned on social media that he had begun work on his second album ‘Wolf’, which would consist of more instrumental tracks than rap songs. The album was speculated to release in 2012, but it made its way to music shelves in early 2013.

He produced the album under his own label ‘Odd Future Records’ with assistance from ‘RED Distribution’ and the gigantic brand, ‘Sony Music Entertainment’. The album sold over ninety thousand copies in the first week of its release itself. It contained compositions made by Tyler when he was fifteen years old. The album peaked on the U.S. Billboard 200 album chart.

Present Career Tyler the Creator Net Worth

In 2015, he announced about his third official album. On 9th April, two singles from the album were uploaded to Odd Future’s YouTube channel. The singles were named ‘Fucking Young’ and ‘Deathcamp’. After 4 days he digitally released his album titled ‘Cherry Bomb’. Hard copies of the album launched in music stores on 28th April, 2015. Celebrity artists such as Lil Wayne, Kayne West and Schoolboy Q featured in the album.

Mid 2015, he organised a world tour for the album. The tour began from North America and ended in Asia. He had to cancel his concerts in Australia owing to a campaign accusing him of violent and abusive song writing.

Major Works Tyler the Creator Net Worth

His most anticipated album ‘Wolf’ topped numerous charts worldwide. It ranked at the number 3 spot on U.S. Billboard 200 album chart.

His first single from the album ‘Wolf’ called ‘Domo23’ was placed at number 2 on ‘Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles Billboard’ and at number 13 on ‘US Heatseekers Songs Billboard’.



  • Tracks of Tyler The creator
  • Foreword (Ft. Rex Orange County)
  • Where This Flower Blooms (Ft. Frank Ocean)
  • Sometimes…
  • See You Again (Ft. Kali Uchis)
  • Who Dat Boy (Ft. A$AP Rocky)
  • Pothole (Ft. Jaden Smith)
  • Garden Shed (Ft. Estelle)
  • Boredom (Ft. Rex Orange County And Anna Of The North)
  • I Ain’t Got Time!
  • 911 / Mr. Lonely (Ft. Frank Ocean And Steve Lacy)
  • Droppin’ Seeds (Ft. Lil’ Wayne)
  • November
  • Glitter
  • Enjoy Right Now, Today



Awards & Achievements

The year 2011 was one of the most significant ones in Tyler’s career. He won three awards – the first at the ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ for ‘Best New Artist’ and at the ‘MTV2 Sucker Free Awards’ he took home two awards for ‘Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Must Follow Artist’.

In 2013, he was nominated to the prestigious ‘Grammy Awards’ in the category of ‘Album of the Year (as featured artist)’. The following year, he was nominated at the ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ for ‘Best Art Direction’.

Once again in 2015, ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ nominated him in the category of ‘Best Visual Effects’ for his singles Fucking Young and Death Camp.

Personal Life & Legacy

Tyler resides at Los Angeles. Tyler bought his first home after the success of his album ‘Goblin’. He bought his mother and sister a home the same year.

Tyler also has a step younger brother. He reveres his mother for her struggle. At the MTV Video Awards, he moved his mother to tears. He is grateful to the Odd Future members for providing him shelter during his most difficult times.

He has fallen into more than one controversy, with magazines and organisations citing that the lyrics of his songs are racial, abusive and disrespectful especially to women.

In 2016, he was rumoured to be dating Kendall Jenner after they were spotted dining together. However, speculations were put to rest when the two openly stated on ‘Twitter’ that they weren’t dating.


UK Home Secretary, Theresa May sent a letter to Tyler stating he was banned from visiting the UK for around 3-5 years, on account of offensive content after his debut mixtape and album.

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